Hedges Ag Service has been providing the following services for many years. Our experience in this line of work speaks for itself. We focus on providing you with the best quality and most cost effective solutions, for your agriculture, lawn & garden, and hunting needs.


Custom Application

We provide custom application of field protection products and liquid fertilizers. We use advanced application technology such as swath control and autosteer to prevent overspray. Which in turn saves you money. The equipment is operated by licensed professionals to ensure accurate product application and proper tank clean out between jobs.

Seed cleaning

Seed cleaning is a necessary practice that removes weed seeds which will provide a more pure product for replanting wheat. In addition to seed cleaning, we are also licensed and equipped to treat seed with crop protection products.

Lawn Spraying
Hunting product assembly and delivery

For almost a decade we have been providing a service to assemble and deliver the hunting blinds and game feeders we sell. 

Animal Nutrition

We provide a complete line of quality feed specifically designed to meet the needs of your cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, pets, wildlife, and more. Our experienced staff can assistance with selecting the right feed for your goals. Insuring your animals receive the correct ratio of grains, vitamins, minerals, liquid feeds, and more.

Our lawn spraying service provides weed control for your lawn. We are licensed professionals so we are experienced and properly equipped to precisely and safely apply weed control products so that you see positive results.

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