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Geraniums offer a wide variety of flower colors, are heat tolerant, and easy to grow, which is why they are so popular. This plant will grow best any place that gets lots of sun, whether that is on your porch, garden, or even in the living room. In Oklahoma the geranium is an annual so bring it inside before the first freeze if you want to keep it for next year.

Geranium (Common)

    • Pot Size: 4.5"
    • Package Size: 1 plant/pot
    • Plant Type: Indoor, Outdoor
    • Life Cycle: Annual
    • Lighting: Full Sun
    • Max Height: 3'
    • Max Width: 3'
    • Hardiness Zone: 10, 11
    • Flowering Season: Summer
    • Pinch stems to promote bushiness and prevent leginess.
    • Allow soil to dry between watering, then thoroughly water.
    • Deadhead spent flowers to encourage blooming.
    • Re-pot every spring to promote growth.
    • During summer fertilize every other week with a water soluble fertilizer.
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