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Purple Fountain grass is a great addition to your landscape. The purple foliage and reddish blooms adds a unique pop of color that is a favorite among many.

Purple Fountain Grass

    • Pot Size: 1 Gallon
    • Package Size: 1 plant/pot
    • Plant Type: Indoor, Outdoor
    • Life Cycle: Annual
    • Lighting: Full Sun
    • Max Height: 3'
    • Max Width: 3'
    • Hardiness Zone: 8,9,10, 11
    • Flowering Season: Summer-Fall
    • Can bring this grass inside to grow in a container over the winter, water monthly and after threat of frost you can place it outside again
    • Drought tolerant, needs to be watered once per week or bimonthly.
    • Fertilize once per year or at planting.
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